Year 3 Meeting Münster

The penultimate meeting held on 16th May 2019 in Muenster was an excellent backdrop at this point as the main focus of discussion revolved around the upcoming Summer School to be held here in July 2019. All but one partner was able to attend this meeting and contributed effectively to the success.

After a brief finances information session, Anne Vohrman took the lead to address the summer school and confirm details with the partners. The summer school is to take place 15th – 19th July 2019 in WWU in Muenster with 4 participants sent from each partnering institution. As the majority of participants are teachers themselves this has been incorporated into the plan for the session, lectures and workshops. Invited guest speakers include Dr. Colm O’Reilly, Prof. Christian Fischer and Dr. David Rott. The highlight of the programme is expected to be a practical morning with Dr. Thomas Bartoschek, Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Muenster, who created a do-it-yourself kit for stationary and mobile sensor stations called the “senseBox”.

Each partner gave a short presentation on their second multiplier event which highlighted the importance of these events. There was significant feedback to say participants had kept in contact with each other, were willing and able to learn and are excited to take part in the final course once it is available. More information on these can be found here

There was an air of excited during this meeting as it became clear just how much progress has been made and how the project is taking shape:

EGIFT Website

Upload of content is ongoing and being managed by FAU, Nurnberg.

EGIFT Platform

All strands are nearing completion. Text material has all been reviewed and partners agreed on the chosen assessment style for the platform.

As the last official meeting of the project there was much to celebrate with the hope of the final transnational meeting in Dublin being the official launch of the EGIFT: European Gifted Education Training.