Year 1 Training Event Dublin!

The first of the training events was delivered at the All Hallows campus of DCU in the week 24th – 28th July 2017. This event consisted of five 8-hour days of delivery in an intensive course open to frontline teachers, administrators, and programme directors associated with each of the 9 project partners. A total of 24 participants took part in the event, some of whom were also involved in delivering content in areas in which they held particular expertise. The participants represented a broad range of experience with gifted education, role within education, and career level. This week was excellent for the participants as they were also able to visit the CTY Ireland summer programme at Dublin City University and see an actual programme for gifted students and meet the teachers involved. Dr Niamh Stack from the University of Glasgow, one of the partners of the project, delivered a workshop on teaching strategies. CTYI the unit within DCU which is acting as project coordinator, invited guest speakers from the College of William and Mary (VA, USA) to deliver at the second day of the event. These speakers, Prof. Tracy Cross and Dr. Jennifer Riedl Cross, are world renowned experts in the field of social and emotional wellbeing of gifted students and added considerable value to the experience.