Year 2 Meeting Dublin

The fifth meeting brought the partners back to Dublin once again to review progress on the project at the half way point, 20th April 2018. We welcomed two new members to the team, Anne Vohrman, who will be representing WWU Muenster and Leeanne Hinch who will be representing CTYI, Dublin.

Prof. Mojca Jurisevic presented on the second Summer School due to take place in Ljubljana. There was an overview of the proposed schedule and an outline of the budget structure that can be used by partners who will be selecting and sending 4 participants each.

Emily Church opened the floor to discussion of the first multiplier events. She clarified that each partner is to run a 1 day (8 hour) training event for at least 15 people in education. The attendees should be people in education with limited or no knowledge of gifted education and can be introduced to the strands that have been worked on to fill this need. The attendees should then be able to return to their sending institute and share what they have learned with other interested parties.

The final topic discussed at the meeting was the recent introduction of GDPR. Presented by the CTYI GDPR Officer, clarification was given on what needed to be done in order to incorporate this into the EGift project.

Overall it was another successful meeting and the progress in the overall project was really starting to show.