Year 2 Meeting Thessaloniki

The sixth meeting of partners took place 7th September 2018 and was attended by all. It gave a great opportunity to see the results of the project so far. Hosted in beautiful, Thessiloniki, the grounds of Anatolia College are a sight to see and a wonderful venue for such a successful meeting.

Upcoming and past events were high on the agenda in this meeting with discussion on the Ljubljana Summer School that had been a rousing success, the multiplier events that were soon coming and the final summer school due to take place in Summer 2019.

Prof. Mojca Jurisevic prepared a presentation on the 2018 summer school. All participants seemed to gain a lot from the weeks training with some of the highlights of their experiences being the opportunity to meet and mingle with like-minded individuals and discuss issues they had come across themselves in gifted education. The overall reaction to the EGIFT project was that it was extremely interesting and the summer school gave great want for these participants to take the course themselves when it is available.

Quality Assurance also played an important part in this meeting as our QA partners from Glasgow had conducted a review via questionnaire for feedback on the progress of the project. As a result of this, the upcoming deadlines for work to be submitted were clarified, the current state of each strand was discussed for all to be updated and the financial requirements were also reviewed for all.

The final report will begin to take shape with Dublin and Glasgow leading the gathering and reviewing of all material to be included.

Overall this meeting was, once again, a huge success with the partners revelling in some real Greek culture and food during the trip.