Year 3 Meeting Nuremberg

In the midst of the final year of the project, things are moving at a fast pace and progress is being made quick and heavy. The meeting on 22nd January 2019 was a clear sign of this. Taking place in beautiful Nurnberg, the weather was cold and crisp but the city streets were made for this.

The EGIFT website and final Moodle platform, next needed some attention to build up a full profile of events and activities. Partners agreed to send on material to complete any missing sections in the website itself and to round out sections that were wanting.

Leeanne and Eamonn of CTYI, Dublin spent a long week in the studio in Nürnberg with Marold and Dominik of FAU working on the strand recordings. Some samples were shown to the partners and it was worth all the effort and the learning platform itself began to take form with the first content beeing uploaded to the beta version.

Upcoming events include the final teacher training event due to take place in Muenster during summer 2019 and Anne Vohrman presented the general structure of the program WWU are creating for this. Other events that were discussed were the first multiplier events that partners had arranged in their home institutes since the last meeting.

More information on the multiplier events can be found  here.